What has been the traction for Plenty?

The Tezsure team that develops Plenty has received a grant from the Tezos Foundation to continue development.

Plenty AMM

  • First token-to-token AMM on Tezos launched August 25 2021.
  • 250 million+ USD total volume.
  • Audited & no exploits.
  • 4 million+ smart contract operations. For months the Plenty AMM's were responsible for around 10% of the total Tezos smart contract operations.


  • Ethereum bridge launched April 26 2021.
  • 100 million+ USD total volume.
  • Audited & no exploits.
  • Plenty integration reduces bridge speed from hours to less than 5 minutes.
  • Avalanche, Polygon, & BSC bridge are ready to launch.


  • launched October 25 2021.
  • Ctez, the first implementation of the checker framework, is widely used in the Tezos DeFi ecosystem.
  • There is over 500k tez locked in Ctez ovens.