Liquidity and locking incentives for the community.
A total of 400 million PLY (40% of supply) will be distributed as liquidity incentives through gauges and locking incentives through anti-dilution inflation of lockers.
The gauge emission in the first year would be set at 1 million PLY/week, distributed across the gauges of all liquidity pools based on their weekly vote shares. The emission rate would be dropped by a factor of ~
at yearly intervals.
In the first 3 weeks of launch, extra rewards would be distributed every week through the gauges to reward early adopters.
As described in our modified ve(3,3) model, the emissions would further be adjusted based on the locked PLY supply and accompanied by the inflation of lockers to protect from dilution.

A Visual Peek

Graphs were updated post-launch to reflect the real values in the smart contract.
  • The cumulative emission through the gauges for different values of locked PLY supply:
  • The cumulative inflation of PLY lockers for different values of locked PLY:
  • The combined cumulative increase in PLY supply through gauge emission and locker inflation: