Plenty Overview

To provide clarity, especially for those new to the Plenty ecosystem, it's essential to distinguish between the various components that make up "Plenty."
  • Plenty Labs: The company behind the development of the Plenty protocol and its web interface.
  • The Plenty Protocol: A robust suite of smart contracts that together form an automated market maker. This protocol enables peer-to-peer market making and swapping of tokens on the Tezos blockchain, aligning with our vision of decentralization and financial sovereignty.
  • The Plenty Interface: A user-friendly web interface designed for effortless interaction with the Plenty Protocol. While the interface is the most accessible way to engage with our protocol, it's just one of many avenues for interaction.
  • Plenty Voting: Our voting system for Plenty V2, empowered by the PLY token, allows for community-driven reward distribution for liquidity providers in Plenty V2.